Aamco Transmissions Bothel WA Reviews

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Aamco Transmissions Bothel WA Reviews

http://AamcoBothell.com AAMCO of Bothell is proud to be one of the more than 900 AAMCO centers across North America, servicing 25 million transmissions over the past 50 years and earning AAMCO the distinction of World's Largest Transmission Specialist and fastest growing Total Car Care provider across the country. We are committed to quality work and customer service Knowledge You Can Count On: Our transmission rebuilding capabilities are unparalleled. We can fix nearly every make and type of transmission. Our AAMCO center is staffed with technicians who specialize in repairing the most sophisticated system in your vehicle. They are simply the best in the business. (425) 354-4562 at

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"Long story short, Jim took care of everything! I didn't have to contact the warranty company at all and Aamco was done with my car before he said they would be! I felt completely at ease, which being a woman dealing with mechanics, isn't always the case. I would totally recomend them to anyone who asks! Thanks!"
"Excellent!‎‎ I bought a used SUV in May with quite a few miles on it. Just to be safe, I also bought an extended warranty. The begining of September, my transmission went out. I called Aamco. After talking to him, even over the phone, the tension I had that the warranty company may not cover the cost was eased. He said they dealt with warranty companies on a regular basis and though he couldn't guarantee it, he felt confident they would cover it. The warranty company did try to say it was normal wear and tear but they showed the inspector the piece that broke and they covered the whole thing!"
"Thank goodness they're honest!‎‎ Came into this shop today for the first time. Very professional. They located my problem very quickly, and thank goodness it was only something small! I don't know much of anything about transmissions and I thought I was going to have to buy a new one. The mechanic told me that the problem was simply an adjustment. I wish more repair shops were this honest with their customers!"
"EXTREMELY Helpful‎‎ I bought my first car a little back and the warranty had just expired. Of course my car started making weird noises a week later. I was nervous to take my car anywhere because I am a young "vulnerable" woman when it comes to cars and all the horror stories about mechanics scared me. A friend of mine referred me to this AAMCO and said that I could trust them. Sure enough the people there were nothing but respectful and honest to me. They found another minor repair that needed to be fixed that was the reason my check engine light was on (that I ignored) and they actually called me before fixing it and did it for free! They had my car fixed in 2 days and it was not expensive (luckily) at all. I haven't had a problem since with either of the check engine light or weird noises. I highly recommend this AAMCO, especially if you are a 22 year old girl who don't know squat about cars."
"Had a great experience with Aamco after driving around with a clunking transmission and increasing problems. The previous mechanic failed to solve the problem and made it worse. I got a call with a diagnosis within minutes after dropping ..."
"Excellent Service with a Guarantee Shelia R. | Insider Expert | Aamco Transmissions We had our transmission rebuilt by these guys about 7 months ago, and I couldn't be happier. My van runs great, and they even gave us a warranty on the work. I'm hoping I never need to use it, though, but glad they gave it to me! The work was reasonably priced. We called around and found out that they were cheaper than some other places, and had the name recognition we trusted. Great place!"
"Great service on CREDIT! Chris C. | Insider Expert | 5 Aamco Transmissions I got my cars transmission replaced here. The service was GREAT and the staff was friendly and understanding. The best thing about this place was that I did not have to come up with such a large sum of money at one time...they let me do a payment plan. This was GREAT for me!"
"I brought my car to Aamco thinking that I had a serious transmission problem. Someone else told me needed a new Transmission at a cost of over $2000.00!!!! I took my car to Aamco for a second opinion, not only did they tell me it was just a sensor but the cost was less than $250.00. What a relief, they were very professional and honest and I feel like had I not went there I would have spent a lot of money and still had a problem. THANK YOU AAMCO!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"EXCELLENT REPAIR This shop repaired a problem I had that three other shops couldn't find. If you want a great repair and want to be treated fairly come here. I am very glad that I did. thanks to everyone at aamco for taking my car in so soon and ..."
"I would have absolutely no qualms in recommending AAMCO Transmission in Millcreek-Bothell to anyone for service. Thank You, Robert for all you have done for me. If I ever need transmission work, you'll be the first shop I think of for repair!"
"I cannot say enough good about Robert and the AAMCO Transmission shop in Millcreek-Bothell. He goes beyond all reasonable expectations to be sure his customers are satisfied. I even had an incident with ine of his former employees that didn't technically involve the shop and Robert went out of his way to try to help me resolve the issues."
"I brought the vehicle back because their was a sensor issue, they moved me in front of the mant cars that they have and took care of me within 24 hours. Thanks!"
"AAMCO Transmission in Millcreek-Bothell Does Great Work. I told Bill the Manager I would write a review if they repaired my transmission within my budget. AAMCO Transmission in Millcreek-Bothell saved me $1300.00 from going to the dealership. I want to thank Bill the manager for walking me through every step of the repair."
"Now, I don't know about any of you, but when repairs add up to over 2000 bucks, I just don't have that sort of money. Bill and Robert worked with me to get a payment plan sorted out so I could have my car back and still eat for the month. These guys are the best people to have work on your car. Period Aamco Transmission in Millcreek is the best!"
"Aamco Transmission in Millcreek-Bothell was able to fix a few bent valves (put on a completely new head after it came back from the machine shop). After they fixed the damage, they found out the problem - it overheated because the radiator was spewing out of about an inch hole. Aamco Transmission in Millcreek-Bothell replaced the radiator as well."
"Awesome company, great service. My 2002 Kia Sportage decided to overheat and blow up on the way to Alki Beach about a month back. My warranty company recommended this shop ( as they would cover repairs if I was under warranty). Turns out I wasn't under warranty, but that didn't stop Bill, Robert, Sparky, and Jeremy with Aamco Transmission Millcreek-Bothell from doing their best to get my car back in time for work."
"Hi Robert, Thank you for the email and your kind service the other day. I appreciate your willingness to attend to my vehicle in a professional and responsible, ethical manner. Having an auto repair facility that opperates in this manner is rare to find - and one that will find itself with many long term loyal customers - I hope to be one of those long term customers. Go Aamco!!!"
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